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Maxiroot Organic line of products are based on organic seaweed, fish emulsion & bone meal.

Seaweed provides high level of Potassium. Potash, or Potassium is the flower and fruit food. It’s essential in combination with Nitrogen & Phosphorous to improve flower, fruiting, color, and taste in crops.

Fish emulsion provides high level of Nitrogen, which is essential for growth. It keeps the plant growing during the right season. High proportions of Nitrogen are used to advance leaves and growth and are the feeds for leafy growth.  

Bone Meal is an excellent source of Phosphorous, which is the foundations and frame work food for plants. Plants use Phosphorous to build & maintain the structures and systems for growth and fruitfulness. It’s essential for all forms of growth. Bone meal phosphorus is easy for plants to take up. 


Our Story

It begins with you! We are all about cultivating products in batches curated specifically for your botany pleasure.

There is no possible way you can go wrong with any of our products as long as you use them correctly.

The company itself values the Earth and all of her virtues, and we find it extremely important to take care of her to the best of our ability.

This is why all of our goods are made from organic, chemical-free ingredients that caters to all your vegetation needs. Now your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, flower beds, and cannabis plants can grow organically.


MAXIROOT Organic Seaweed Powder

MAXIROOT Organic Seedling Solution #1

MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution #2

MAXIROOT Organic Blooming Solution #3