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MAXIROOT Organic Rooting Gel, Seedling-Clone Solution fertilizer, and Seaweed Powder plant fertilizer are made from 100% natural organic ingredients that provide you and your family with the most environmentally friendly results possible.

MAXIROOT is a trusted name among the agriculture industry of California. We develop 100% natural, organic rooting-cloning gel, seedling-clone solution & seaweed powder over the Los Angeles,
California and find lots of appreciation from our clients. We are known for our highly effective and superior products.

Our Story

It begins with you! We are all about cultivating products in batches curated specifically for your botany pleasure.

There is no possible way you can go wrong with any of our products as long as you use them correctly.

The company itself values the Earth and all of her virtues, and we find it extremely important to take care of her to the best of our ability.

This is why all of our goods are made from all natural, organic, chemical-free ingredients that caters to the health of all your vegetation needs. Now your vegetable gardens, fruit trees, flower beds, and cannabis plants can be healthier than ever!


MAXIROOT Organic Rooting-Cloning Gel

MAXIROOT Organic Rooting-Cloning Gel

MAXIROOT Organic Rooting-Cloning Gel

MAXIROOT Organic Rooting-Cloning Gel

I bought the rooting hormone about 5 weeks ago, it works like a charm! The fact that it is all organic ingredients and there is no chemicals in it is the best part of it! I am very pleased with the product!

Lina Jordan