MAXIROOT Organic growing Solution


MAXIROOT® Organic Growing Solution-Fertilizer with a NPK of 2.88-1.3-1.25 is an organic nitrogen plant  base nutrient specifically developed for the growing stage of the plants.

Registered with CDFA Organic Input Material

MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution Step 2

MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution is specifically developed for all plants during their growing stage (Step 2).

It’s a source of nitrogen from organic sources, which is essential for the growth of the plants.

MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution provides potassium that is readily available for plant use. It also supplies nutrients to vegetable plants, shrubs, trees and flowers. From seedling until harvest, MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution promotes
vigorous growth.

MAXIROOT Organic Growing Solution can be used on all types of vegetables, shrubs, flowers, herbs or trees.

Super concentrated! Mix 2 oz with 1 gallon of water.  Made of Ascophyllum Nodosum & Fish Emulsion, that helps all plants with vigorous growth.

MAXIROOT Seedling Solution Fertilizer can also be added into the reservoir in cloning machines.

Sizes: 32 oz and 1 gallon

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CDFA Registered Organic Input Material